Finishing up my first large litho

Was feeling a bit stressed today when I was heading into the studio, but that immediately went away as soon as I started to work on my stone. In this series I wanted to explore the idea of combining the human body and things that I enjoy. For me I really enjoy plants, and when spring comes around buying some annuals honestly makes me so happy. For this piece I was inspired by the wandering jew plant as mine is finally coming back to life! It was big and bushy before we moved, and since we moved sometimes it didn’t get enough sun. 

Right now it has one little limb sticking out but the leaves are finally turning purple like they should. 

I really can’t wait for next spring, and hitting up my favourite farm for some geraniums. 

Since this was my first litho in awhile I decided to keep the imagery simple for now, and the future three can become more elaborate. 

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