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Born in 1987, and currently lives and works in Mississauga, Ontario Canada. Multi media artist but specializes in analog photography, and printmaking. She previously attended the Ontario College of Art and Design, and finished her undergraduate with the University of Toronto and Sheridan joint program in June of 2017. She has participated in the University of Toronto Shelley Peterson Student Art Exhibition 2015 (juried by Shary Boyle, Gabrielle Moser, and  Gaetane Verna), the Visual Arts Mississauga 37th Annual Juried Show in 2015 (juried by William Huffman, Monica Tap and Tazeen Qayyum), and the University of Toronto Shelley Peterson Student Art Exhibition 2016 (juried by Jon Davies, Assistant Curator of Contemporary Art at the Art Gallery of Ontario).

Artist Statement:

As an artist I am into the more tactile experience, and that is evident in all my work. Even within work that cannot be handled I will feature items that have been created by my hand. I prefer older techniques, as I believe that in taking part in these practices I get to experience a part of art history. My process for what I want to create next often strikes me suddenly and as it fills my mind itI am compelled to make it a reality.
I explore themes of the sublime, rituals, fables, and notions of the self. To me these are often things I participate in personally whether it’s being awestruck by something that I feel like I must capture it, having particular rituals that I abide by, or externalizing my own emotions by use of artifice. The subject matters of my work is often based off a memory, or related to emotion.
Whatever I create, it may be positive or negative, is like a cleansing of my spirit. It allows me to take things that I have been harbouring and to let it live externally, and unburden my mind from what is happening at that moment.  





2006 - 2008 : Ontario College of Art and Design.
2012 - 2017 : University of Toronto Mississauga. 
2012 - 2017 : Sheridan College. 

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