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  1. Second large litho for my current series

    2016-02-23 04:12:00 UTC

    Just finished up my first etch after drawing this today. I started with a different image but really did not like it so I redid my stone. Luckily it didn’t have too much dark tusche already in it so it was relatively easy. Even when I started the other drawing…

  2. Playing around with Lithography crayons

    2016-02-12 17:40:00 UTC

    So with my current series I want to play with the mixing of anatomy as well as things that I love. The series’ current title is “A Home Within Myself” as the last few print series I was dealing with the loss of the sense of home, and how I…

  3. Rolled up and second etch

    2016-01-30 16:53:00 UTC

    Yesterday I was on campus so I thought I may as well stop in and do my roll up and second etch. Things came out really nicely, and I actually kept more light tones than I was expecting.  A lot of fine lines managed to stay in the washes. Really…

  4. Finishing up my first large litho

    2016-01-29 03:55:00 UTC

    Rosin + talc’ed, first etch, and buffed! Was feeling a bit stressed today when I was heading into the studio, but that immediately went away as soon as I started to work on my stone. In this series I wanted to explore the idea of combining the human body and…

  5. Exciting new litho exploration

    2016-01-23 20:35:00 UTC

    all dried and ready to be tucked in New semester, old techniques. For some crazy reason last semester I decided to take on a very dark subject matter which now I currently regret. It’s something I may explore when I am older, and the wounds from it aren’t so fresh.…

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