Exciting new litho exploration

New semester, old techniques. For some crazy reason last semester I decided to take on a very dark subject matter which now I currently regret. It’s something I may explore when I am older, and the wounds from it aren’t so fresh. However, this pushed me back into a direction I should have been going in. So this semester I’m going to be exploring the human form, and combining it with textures of things that bring me joy. I prepped my giant litho stone and did about half of it so far. I’ve always enjoyed looking at old anatomical drawings and I knew how much skill they took. I have a lovely book from Taschen which I’ve been inspired by multiple times during my undergrad. 

As I’ve only filled about half of the stone right now with some tusche I’m so excited to continue working on this piece. Prepping the stone brought back that familiarity I have been missing, and as I started working it immediately made me feel happy. I too often give good advice but ignore it myself. This year I’m going to start taking my own advice and keep on this path. I hope to accomplish four different pieces before our show in April! 

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