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  1. Documenting how to prep a lithography stone

    2016-03-13 03:14:00 UTC

    Sped up this clip as it originally ran for 22 minutes! I actually started it after doing two rounds of 80 grit. At one point I knocked the edge of the smaller stone and chipped it’s corner. 

  2. Second large litho for my current series

    2016-02-23 04:12:00 UTC

    Just finished up my first etch after drawing this today. I started with a different image but really did not like it so I redid my stone. Luckily it didn’t have too much dark tusche already in it so it was relatively easy. Even when I started the other drawing…

  3. Playing around with Lithography crayons

    2016-02-12 17:40:00 UTC

    So with my current series I want to play with the mixing of anatomy as well as things that I love. The series’ current title is “A Home Within Myself” as the last few print series I was dealing with the loss of the sense of home, and how I…

  4. Rolled up and second etch

    2016-01-30 16:53:00 UTC

    Yesterday I was on campus so I thought I may as well stop in and do my roll up and second etch. Things came out really nicely, and I actually kept more light tones than I was expecting.  A lot of fine lines managed to stay in the washes. Really…

  5. Finishing up my first large litho

    2016-01-29 03:55:00 UTC

    Rosin + talc’ed, first etch, and buffed! Was feeling a bit stressed today when I was heading into the studio, but that immediately went away as soon as I started to work on my stone. In this series I wanted to explore the idea of combining the human body and…

  6. Exciting new litho exploration

    2016-01-23 20:35:00 UTC

    all dried and ready to be tucked in New semester, old techniques. For some crazy reason last semester I decided to take on a very dark subject matter which now I currently regret. It’s something I may explore when I am older, and the wounds from it aren’t so fresh.…

  7. Portal series, yokai, and printing

    2014-03-17 23:39:00 UTC

    With an upcoming project I plan on expanding on my Portal series that I just uploaded, and the idea of demons or more specifically Japanese yokai. So far my sketches have been inspired by how different Japanese yokai look, and it appeals to me aesthetically I’m still debating on what…

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