Work In Progress: Veiled

So this is a project that has been on my mind all summer. I finally got to shoot with my friends Madolyn and Raph this past Thursday, and I still have to shoot with Felecia. It’s just an idea that would not let me be, and at least I’m on the second step. These were shot with my Mamiya 6 which I have been enjoying quite a bit. Sadly these negatives were scanned in the photo lab and I’m just not used to this scanner. So I plan on doing these properly at home, also my scanner is less dirty than this one. This project keeps creeping into my mind and it excites me. I’m not absolute about the meaning behind a piece usually until it dawns on me that how I’m feeling reflects in the work even if I don’t realize that it does. In the end I do plan on printing these out digitally and silk screening over them with glow in the dark ink in a lace pattern to add a transformative aspect to static images.

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