Experiments with the Pinhole Blender Mini

Richard bought me this lovely pinhole camera for my birthday, and I’ve been experimenting with it recently since then. It’s difficult to fully understand because it is basically a can with a hole in it, and an take up and supply knobs (http://www.pinholeblender.com/mini120.htm). However it is a lot of fun! It’s fun to experiment with different cameras and I always enjoy modding old cameras like my target Six-20 or Richard’s Agfa. I’m also trying to learn how many times I need to wind the supply knob in order to get a good amount of space between these frames. The first one was only advanced by seven turns but I think my new number would be about 10. I also shot with 400 ISO at 4.5 hours each which seems to be a bit over exposing so maybe I would have to reduce that by an hour. The shape of the camera makes a very unique warping of the image which I really want to explore more with outdoors, and especially with winter it’ll be easier to shoot with even flat over cast light. I’ll have to make sure the film is lined up properly in the future as well just because I shot a couple images but apparently they just went on to the paper. 

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