Busy start to the summer

Things have been going really well as of late. The summer photo classes are almost over, and the first half of the summer semester is almost done which I’m glad for. In between semesters I’m going to get a week off haha, but it’ll be good to rest for a little while. All my submissions for The Middle Child show got in at the Dignam Gallery of the Woman’s Art Association of Canada, and now I just have the get those four prints all done up I even have the frames already and talked with Denyca who’s arranging a lot of the show about the gallery set up. The frames I grabbed aren’t amazing, but they’re what I can afford and look half way decent. The prints will be amazing, but the frame will have to fit into my budget. 

I got an e-mail last night from a gallery saying that they have seen my work and wondered if I would be interested in a portfolio review. Of course I replied, as I’m trying to get into as many shows as I can do without being overwhelmed. So I set my interview on next Wednesday, and now I’m just nervous. Then on Thursday and Friday I have exams. So the next week will be busy but then I’ll have a bit of time off between classes, and then at the end of July it’ll be my birthday.

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